Brian Mushimba Minister of Transport
The death of 11 people should not just go as an headline for biased Govt newspaper to sell, that is really sad news which calls for Govt and the rest of us to think of what went wrong and how we can correct it.

Last year, at the end of October, Govt announced that no public service vehicle (PSV) whether passenger or goods, will be allowed to move between 21 and 05:00 hrs effective 27th November 2016. To that effect, Statutory Instrument (SI) 76 of 2016 was passed.

Transport and communications Minister Brian Mushimba said that, the move was due to the increase in PSV accidents, which claimed a lot of lives. A report revealed that 55% of accidents happened at night and 45% during the day.

Undoubtedly, the intention of Govt to reduce on further loss of life on our roads, was good, but it lacked wide consideration and consultation by the PF Govt.

Due to lack of consultation, the SI brought out it’s negative effect on the economy, which has made the PF Govt to revive (SI) 76 of 2016, lifting the ban on night movement of goods transporters or trucks.

In a statement, the Minister of Transport, Brian Mushimba, said that, government with involvement of key stakeholders had evaluated the social and economic impact on the SI 76 and realised that restricting movement of goods trucks had a negative impact on the country’s economy.

The Minister went on to say, the revision will only apply to trucks who will meet some set requirements and does not apply to the bus businesses.

Unfortunately, the minister did not consider the night travelers. Our highways are now full of hitchhikes at night because there are no buses for people who are desperate to catch up with time, but most especially, business people.

People are now resorting to jumping on trucks to get to their intended destinations.

The last accident brings out the desperation and danger our people have been exposed to by this ban of Buses to move at night.

It is reported that, a total number of 53 passengers are believed to have been on the truck that was traveling from Lusaka to Chikanta village in Choma. The truck lost control and overturned whilst descending at Munali hills on the Kafue – Mazabuka road. The accident happened after 20:00 hrs on Thursday July 20, 2017.

While some people would prefer to jump on a truck instead of a bus, due to higher fares on the bus, but, certainly, 53 people would not have been on that truck if the buses were moving at night.

11 people dead while 39 were injured with one female in a critical condition. Among those who died included 3 children.

This is very serious and we might be faced with other more fatalities because there are too many people on the roads looking for transport.

The solution is not in the politicians, but relevant stakeholders who can advise the best way to sort out this shortage of transport at night due to the SI.

Our humble proposal would be that, SI 78 of 2016 controls speed is reinforced to ensue adherence, while SI 80 of 2016 which restricts a driver, either bus or truck, from driving beyond eight hours is revised to include night driving whereby, drivers operating at night work only for 4 hours.

Meaning, there should be two drivers on each bus at all times, if the bus is moving at night. But this has to be discussed with the operators.

From our point of view, as Economic and Equity Party (EEP) we note with concern that, the PF govt tend to implement policies without a wide consideration and consultation.

It is important that when a policy is being implemented, all possible relevant stakeholders are consulted, while the Govt look at the needs or interests of the people.

If something has to be taken away from people, Govt ought to provide an alternative otherwise other measures have to be considered to curb the problem.

The economy is rather hash such that some people are not sleeping, Govt has to cope by providing enabling environment to conduct their businesses otherwise illegality and corruption increases as people try to beat the law.

The police mounting roadblocks at night, must be making money from the truck carry unauthorized passengers. The truck that killed 11 people passed through Kafue road block and the question is how did the police allow it to proceed, if corruption was not involved.





I am not one of those people who say, the enemy of my enemy is my enemy because I look at issues and not people, therefore, I have no enemies. If you understand that Principle, you will have no problem in understanding me and how I take positions.

For example, I still stands that, I am not UPND and I don’t agree with HH on a number of issues, but I will never celebrate his incarceration on trumped up charges of treason and I am ready to defend him, even if I have to be jailed.

My disagreement with HH are not personal or tribal but ISSUE based, so in one thing I will agree with him but in the next I will not. So within a day, I have have two positions based on the issue at hand.

Similarly, I supported President Lungu in the last elections because he was the best I could settle on, but that was not an endorsement for President Lungu to do bad things. I have to disagree with him on ISSUES that I think he is wrong.

To avoid the agony I had last year, of who to vote for, and having to settle for the lesser evil (President Lungu and his PF), I have formed Economic and Equity Party (EEP) so that, I can give Zambians, like myself, another option than what we had last year, hopefully I could be the choice in the next elections.

Coming to Dr. Kambwili, personally, I consider him as my elder brother, just like I do Given Lubinda, Christopher Yaluma, Davis Chama, among others , including sisters like Jean Kapata, Kampamba Mulenga, Sylvia Masebo, etc.

However, Dr. Kambwili disappointed me in the manner that he conducted himself as a leader in PF. To me, Dr. Kambwili was a bully who only looked at what suited him and not the poor people that voted for PF in 2011.

I heard from so many people, who complained on how Kambwili bullied them to get what he wanted, which, in some cases, was a total abuse of power, such that, if our investigative wings were working properly, he would have been investigated far before his dismissal.

The investigations of the ACC currently going on should have come much earlier, nonetheless I am happy that, they are doing it and I hope something substantive comes up.

I have no kind words to people ALLEGED to be corrupt and abusive to public office. And our party (EEP) will fight corruption and abuse of power tooth and nail.

Kambwili was perceived as the fighter for the poor prior to 2021 general elections, but I was very disappointed to learn that in his Ministry (information) were people who have been working as casual workers getting peanuts for years.

I have spoken about ZNBC, Times of Zambia and Daily Mail (I don’t know about ZANIS, I have not received complaints from there). Unfortunately the situation is still the same and Kampamba Mulenga seem to have no clue on how to sort out the problem.

Joyce Nonde is seemingly the waste minister in the PF Govt because she is not addressing the plight of workers and she is turning them into villains, giving abusive employers more impetus to abuse and exploit our citizens. Anyway, I hope she can change otherwise I will celebrate the day she will be out of Tax-payers’ payroll.

Dr. Kambwili made things worse, when he went tribal in a very strong way. At the height of his political fortune, Kambwili insulted Southerners, calling him the naive to their tribe that, they would rather vote for a stone even against Jesus Christ.

That statement was not only mean, but divisive and insulting to the Southerners. I don’t come from the South but, it pained me and I looked forward to day when Kambwili would be humbled.

Kambwili thought he was untouchable and powerful who could do anything including beating anyone physically like he once boasted that, his body size was not just about the food he eat but how physically fit he is to beat anyone. He even asked for a boxing bolt to prove his claims.

I have looked at the cases that PF have raised, and if they are true, I can’t defend Kambwili (like I am doing with HH), he deserve to be expelled. If kambwili wanted to fight PF, he should have left, instead of pretending to be part of them yet destabilizing and undermining the leadership.

It is not that I don’t prefer him over President Lungu, neither I am I saying President Lungu has no faults (I will still criticize him on other issues – it is about issues) but on this ISSUE, I think the cases sounds solid and President Lungu acted well to allow him in the meeting, unlike what we have seen in the past, well someone is not even allowed to exculpate himself in a meeting.

Kambwili was part of the meeting and my sources are confirming that, he admitted to some of the allegations though he was putting up a defense, but later stormed out of the meeting. Indiscipline, is bad anywhere, to anyone even if it is punisher is an enemy.

The fact that, I am not PF does not automatically mean that I should accept indiscipline against the PF and it’s leadership, because even in EEP, we want discipline. Equally, I will not accept indiscipline in EEP though we promote freedom of expression and equality and Equity.

Anyway, at the end of the day, I always say, that, everything has its time. Kambwili once was, and he was proud, today, he has been humbled I wonder who is next.

2021, I am standing against President Lungu but this one, I will not blame him, unless other evidence come up especially if Kambwili bring out something new.

However, on the other side, I am standing with HH because those charges are f*k*….anyway, I am in Court for that come next Monday, 31st July 2017.

I am very sure we will have by-elections in Roan Constituency, please EEP members start working, especially those who are aspiring for the seat. We have enough time to do ground work since Kambwili is likely to go to Court but he will lose at the end of the day. So during that time when he will be in court, we can be campaigning quietly.

Besides, such cases are constitutionally time bound so the case will be resolved within a year, therefore, EEP members we have a chance to get into Parliament. Munali and Lusaka central might also come depending on the out come of the Concourt hearing currently going on. This is our time, call me on 0966888936





A number of people have been asking on how they can join our party, Economic and Equity Party (EEP). I would like to state that, membership into EEP is open to all, especially the younger ones from the age of 14 going up. Anyone in good standing in society is free to join, especially new political entrants.

EEP stands a high chance of scooping 2021 general elections in spite of it’s humble beginning, since it was founded by mostly young people without resources.

Due to the humble beginning of EEP, the party faces more challenges than those that have started on the strength of some form of capital, either politically or financially.

However, we are very confident to to form Govt in 2021 based on a number of factors and our strategies. Our strength is our passion and strategy.

Ideally it is not advisable to discuss strategies in public, but since this is politics, we will discuss some of the strategies so that some interested parties would follow and appreciate our movement.

Firstly, we want everyone to understand that our Party is a movement and not a revolution. Our Movement is towards political change, meaning we want to change they way politics has been done in the Country.

Therefore, people must expect to see something different from what they are used to in politics. This change includes people, we want new people instead of the same old politicians who have messed up our Countries in different party regalia.

We want to change the mentality of looking at politics as a means of survival (cadrism) because this attitude is parasitic, which feeds on public resources.

If you stop for a moment and ask, where do the PF get the money to look after their cadres. PF have no businesses to fund all their political activities yet they have so many cadres to look after after.

Due to this political pressure, the PF (and other ruling parties before) have allowed many of their cadres to create illegal taxing schemes in Markets, Bust Stations, streets, tendering, including setting up of meetings to meet the President. This kind of political life will have to end as EEP comes in power.


From the background given (cadrism) we don’t want to run a very big political infrastructure, because it has a cost implication and a source of confusion. Therefore, we only need a seizable membership.

Currently, the Country has a problem where by, everyone who discusses national issues or politics, is identified as a politician and a member of a political party based on their opinion on national issues.

Because of this mentality civil servants have been laid off for having spoken against certain policies, accusing them of being political while the PF are appointing their bona-fide members as civil servants and they they do not just talk politics, but they campaign openly and use Govt resources for political activities.

Therefore, we must differentiate between membership and supporters. We don’t need many members but supporters who will vote for us in 2021.

It must also be noted that, being a member does not give one, an advantage in terms of opportunities because we are promoting “EQUITY” (which is part of our name).

All Zambians will have chance to actualize their potentials, regardless of their political affiliation or opinions. We will embrace criticisms and reward whistle-blowers.

EEP members will have opportunity to be adopted to contest elections. Therefore, unless one is interested in vying for political office, he/she should not be bothered to be a member of EEP but can support us or any other party of their choice. THIS IS WHAT DEMOCRACY IS ALL ABOUT.

Adoption of candidates will be done at local level (decentralized), the NEC will have nothing to do with adoption apart from ensuing adoption certificates. Those who want to contest any election anywhere, should tell the local people and not the President, because I will have not influence adoptions.


All members must pay up the subscription of K120 per year (K10) per month. Those who can afford to pay more, can do so, while those you can prove that, they have no means to pay subscription, they will be exempted, because we want to include the poor in leadership, especially women.

Members will carry a unique membership card bearing a serious unique number which will be attached to the bio-data. The membership card will have to be paid for at K50. (suggestions on the outlook of the Card and printing methods are welcome for possible contract to supply them. If you are interested, you can call on me 0966888936).

Receipt books and membership cards are not ready, yet, and we are not collecting any money, until everything is in place, for accountability purposes. Unless someone wants to donate something.

However, all those interested in being members, can send us their names, age, profession (if any), town and phone numbers. Send to 0966888936. Or better still go and like our page: and inbox us the details.

Our political environment is not good at the moment, therefore, we are not revealing our members because we don’t want them to be targeted or victimized of disadvantaged by the PF govt.

If you are interested but scared of abuse, please just send us your details and you will come up at the right time. We ask for patience from all those who had sent details earlier, because we have recorded them and we will get back to them when the receipt books and cards are ready for them to pay.





WhatsApp Image 2017-07-14 at 18.01.02
President Lungu must be commended for meeting the Catholic Bishops today, who a few weeks ago admonished him for his dictatorial tendencies. President reacted emotionally to the observations of some Catholic Bishops, particularly Archbishop Mpundu ( also recognize other Churches that have expressed similar sentiments) However, all that should be put behind and focus on the way forward.

This meeting of the President and the Bishops open doors to restoration of peace among political parties, especially between the UPND and the PF.

This is the best that could have ever happened in regards to the impulse that has been there between the two political parties, but has sucked-in other political players and some citizens.

I am very happy with Archbishop Mpundu for once again standing for what is right, in spite of whoever could have disagreed with him. Congratulations Your Grace, you are such an inspiration to many, particularly myself.

President Edgar Chagwa Lungu​, has his weaknesses, and I have brought out a number of issues where I feel he has gone wrong, but today, he has made me see that silver-lining which I saw when I supported him in the last elections (don’t get it twisted I am not PF but giving credit where it is due)

I never said President Lungu is perfect, but I called him a lesser evil, meaning, he has weaknesses but at times you can get something good from him. Indeed that good has come out today, by his graciousness to meet the Bishops. He could have chosen not to do so, but he did it.

I am grateful, first of all as a citizen of this Country and as leader of Economic and Equity Party (EEP). All well meaning members of our Party will surely agree with me (our members are free to disagree, with me, on certain issues, that is freedom to hold an opinion on any issue)

The Bishops held a fruitful discussions with the head of state leading to President Edgar Lungu granting the Zambia Council for Catholic Bishops -ZCCB- access to incarcerated UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema to discuss dialogue and reconciliation.

This follows a request by ZCCB President Archbishop TELESPHORE MPUNDU for the President facilitate access to Mr. HICHILEMA for the council to emphasise the need for him to engage in genuine dialogue and commit to a civil political process in addressing matters of national concern.

The issue now remains to President Hakainde Hichilema​ (HH). This is a golden opportunity for HH to show magnanimity to the nation. This impasse is no longer just between the PF and the UPND, because it has brought in all range of issues and the peace of this nation is at stake.

President HH, must drop all the pride and self-centeredness, and be patriotic to do that which is appropriate for this Country.

2016 general elections are behind us and whatever scavenging one can do to salvage anything, is as good as useless, because Edgar Lungu’s Presidency cannot be nulled. It is time to move on for the sake of this nation.

What Zambians, and indeed Bishops want, is peace and harmony for this nation, political squabbles are retrogressive and endanger our democracy.

As the leader of EEP I look forward to a national dialogue where all political parties can engage and iron-out whatever conflicts, then move on as One Zambia, One Nation.

I invite all peace loving Zambians to pray for the positive engagement of the Bishop with HH and the subsequent meetings their of.

I hope my brother Percy Chato will provide a good room, probably a Boardroom at any of these correction services, after all HH is only a suspect, so he can attend a meeting in a conducive room with Bishops since they will be many.

I would also like to advise my colleagues in the UPND to drop all their cheap propaganda against Govt and the PF relating to HH. Stop posting fake stories that Govt wants to kill HH, no one wants to kill HH, otherwise, he would have been dead by now. Some of these propaganda adds to nothing but fuels the tension which is not helpful to HH.

We all have to be positive and seek peaceful means, which the Bishops have initiated, otherwise President Lungu will just back away (remember, the man can be emotional, if you have observed him). It will not help if we UNJUSTIFIABLY attack the PF and Edgar Lungu.

Yes, we can criticize but objectively not some of the malice and lies I see on social media. I also propose that we drop the #FREE_HH campaigns for now, because it might be a subject of discussion at some point. We have tried it, it has failed let us see what can come out of this initiative by the Bishops.

HH must also be advised to stop talking for now. Those statements from Prison are not helpful in as much as he has the right to express himself.

I feel like this is our only hope to resolve this and if we blow it up, it may be difficult to blame Ba Lungu. he has done a commendable job, let’s encourage him.

I want to come and contest 2021 elections in peace, so that I can work with everyone when I am in State House. One of my goals is to unite this Country and heal all wounds that many people have suffered through loss of loved ones, injuries, loss of property or jobs, or limbs, emotional stress and fear of unknown. This nation needs healing and I am for that challenge.





Edgar Lungu on Press Conference

Zambian President Edgar Lungu is not a dictator, and nor does he want to be.

That’s his version, at least, and he’s sticking to it. ‘Zambia is the most accomplished democracy in this region or the whole of Africa. If this is dictatorship, there is no democracy in Africa,’ he told a press conference in Lusaka last week. ‘I know that people think I am targeting political players. I am not targeting any political player. I am only trying to bring sanity.’

Lungu’s actions, however, tell a different story. This year has seen him accrue more and more power at the expense of local media, civil society and opposition parties. Three incidents in particular stand out.

The first came on 11 April, when opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema was arrested at his home. Hichilema and his family took refuge inside a safe room while heavily armed police laid siege to the residence, using tear gas in an attempt to smoke him out. Hichilema alleges that members of his household staff were tortured.

Eventually Hichilema was persuaded to emerge. He was charged with treason for allegedly endangering the president’s life in a traffic incident at a cultural festival. The charge is exactly as ridiculous as it sounds, and seems clearly designed to sideline the popular opposition leader.

The second came in mid-June, when the speaker of the National Assembly unilaterally suspended 48 members of Parliament belonging to Hichilema’s party, the United Party for National Development (UPND), without pay or voting rights for a month. Their offence was to have boycotted the president’s state of the nation address; because, they said, they did not recognise the president’s legitimacy.

There is no room for this kind of dissent in Lungu’s Zambia, apparently; no space for the lively debate and disagreement that is the hallmark of successful democracies.

And finally, last week came the most ominous development of all. In response to a fire at a popular Lusaka market, Lungu declared the threat of a state of emergency. This gave him special powers to deal with it, including the ability to suspend Parliament entirely, restrict freedom of movement, arrest potential troublemakers and impose a curfew.

The declaration effectively allows Lungu to circumvent all remaining checks and balances envisaged by Zambia’s constitution.

As any student of history will know, declaring a state of emergency, or the threat of one, is a dictator’s favourite tool. This is especially true when the pretext for such a declaration is so flimsy: if Zambia is such an ‘accomplished democracy’, surely its police and judiciary should be capable of investigating the fire in Lusaka without the need for the president to resort to such measures?

Given these worrying signs of Lungu’s growing authoritarianism, attention turns to what can be done to prevent him from turning into a fully fledged dictator. And if that really is his end goal, who is going to stop him?

Domestically, the president has successfully hobbled the official opposition by detaining Hichilema and suspending members of Parliament. He has also succeeded in weakening local media; most flagrantly, in June last year authorities shut down independent newspaper The Post – again on a flimsy pretext. Its editor and owner, Fred M’membe, remains in hiding.

There is still some fight left in civil society, however, with several prominent institutions – including the Civil Society Constitution Agenda and the Law Association of Zambia – criticising the declaration of the threat of a state of emergency. Some of the country’s highly influential church groups have also voiced their disapproval.

Clearly Lungu is not going to have it all his own way. However, given that his term in office runs until 2021, and given the special emergency powers he has arrogated to himself, it’s hard to see what his local critics can do to stop him.

More levers of power are available to the international community. Zambia’s economy is in a rut, and the country remains heavily reliant on international partners for investment, aid and other forms of financing. But of these powers, few are speaking out.

South Africa, which wields significant influence in Lusaka, has been deafeningly silent, seemingly preoccupied with its own leadership troubles. China, a major investor in Zambia’s natural resource sector, can hardly condemn the muzzling of political opponents given its record at home. And the United States has offered little more than platitudes.

Another potential pressure point comes in the form of the International Monetary Fund, which is in the process of negotiating a $1.3 billion credit facility with Zambia. It’s money the Zambian government desperately needs, but should it come with good governance strings attached?

Lungu remains defiant. ‘If the IMF thinks we have gone beyond the norms of good governance and democracy, they are free to go. We cannot sacrifice the Zambian people at the altar of economic expediency,’ he told last week’s press briefing.

Nonetheless, the economy remains the most obvious way in which the international community can reverse Zambia’s backsliding. ‘This is a vulnerable government with an economy that is fast running out of money,’ says Nic Cheeseman, Professor of Democracy and International Development at the University of Birmingham.

The question, he says, is whether the will is there to do so. ‘Right now, it does not seem to be the case. However, the IMF deal is not yet done, and I would think that some pressure is being brought behind the scenes both within Zambia and without for a compromise to be found.’

What worries Cheeseman is that Lungu sees what Mugabe has been able to do in Zimbabwe – ‘take his country to the brink of ruin and hang on regardless’ – and that this has emboldened the president to go down a path from which it is hard to return.

By: Simon Allison, ISS Consultant


Me - watching Two and half men


I am not a movie person, I am more into music and I love dancing a lot. But, once in a while I sit to watch “Drama and Romantic” movies to which take me away from my miserable reality and melt my heart.

I watch all movies recommend to me by my children, include the bloodletting investigative series such as CSI, which my eldest daughter watches, or Cartoon watched by my youngest girl.

However, when I feel bored and frustrated by political machinations, like right now, I watch some comedies. My favorite is “Two and Half Men” because, Charlie Sheen, depicts the irresponsible guy I would be if I did not care about other people and morality.

The character of Charlie in “Two and Half men” is a man who does not care about others, he just lives for himself. Honestly, at times I wish I would just be like that other than care so much and getting worked out by what is happening around me.

Imagine, today, the Veep will present a motion in Parliament to debate the State of Emergency, of the second degree, (article 31) to fulfill what is in the Constitution that, Parliament should vote over the declaration within 7 days for it to be extended to 3 months.

Bo Inonge and the PF stooges will be hoodwinking the citizens that, President Lungu is a democrat because he is following what is provided in the Constitution – total crookedness to cover up the dictatorship of Edgar Lungu.

Our parliament is not independent, because our MPs do not represent the people’s WILL at critical moments, such as this one. They vote according to the WILL of their President.

Besides that, about 46/47 UPND will not be in the House, though, they would not make a difference even if they were there because the PF are the majority.

I think I am frustrated by this kind of democracy, because it is not a functional democracy, it is just on paper, actioned through crookedness. Unfortunately, I can’t do anything about it, so I just have to sit and watch “Two and Half Men”.

Leave that alone, and look at the cheap politics of President Lungu, the man is declaring State of Emergency to cripple our rights, especially in politics, but he is engaging a high gear of 2021 campaign.

President Lungu has started campaign for 2021 and he does not want anyone to compete with him, this is why he has declared this State of Emergency prescribed in article 31.

After putting HH where he wants, he is now going to Southern Province to woo the Southerners to vote for him in 2021. He has even offloaded developmental plan for Southern Province so that he can be appreciated as a good leader, after putting HH in prison.

Unfortunately, yet again, I can do nothing about it. Edgar Lungu has all the powers and people like me are just like small ants which he can crush using the police under the disabled leadership of Kakoma Kanganja. It’s so frustrating.

Anyway, it is just a matter of time, come 2021, people of Zambia will not give President Lungu a vote, no matter how crooked he may become, politically. I am very sure of that, 2021 President Lungu is going and I might just take over or someone else, but not Ba Lungu.





Mutati at the IMF
It is a comedy of governance of President Edgar Lungu and his “Yes Bwana” cabinet. Felix Mutati must be frustrated but he has to choose between being out of employment or say those two golden words, “YES BWANA”, which gives you a job, a Toyata Land-cruiser VX, huge allowances (eg K1,500 per sitting in Parliament plus other lucrative allowances), the you have fat salary topped up with Chinese kick backs in hard cash dollars.

Immediately Felix Mutati came in to help the economic and strategic disoriented, but corruptly competent PF government, he said that our treasury is stressed and needed some liquidity injection to resuscitate the economy.

To that effect, Felix Mutati got the blessings of his boss when he spoke of seeking IMF bailout program involving 1.6 Billion.

High powered discussions have been going on with the IMF at Tax-payers cost. This includes the trip to New York by Felix Mutati with his delegation to negotiate the deal.

Mutati’s team comprised of national planning minister Lucky Mulusa, Deputy Secretary to the Cabinet – Finance and Economic development Christopher Mvunga, Secretary to the Treasury Fredson Yamba, Bank of Zambia governor Dr Denny Kalyalya, Ministry of Finance permanent secretary – economic management Mukuli Chikuba.

Zambia has invested so much in trying to secure this loan amidst concerns that our debt is becoming unsustainable.

Unfortunately, all the efforts by Felix Mutati now hangs in a balance because his boss, has forgotten why they embarked on the project. President Lungu has damned the IMF to get-out if they don’t agree with his dictatorship kind of rule.

Lucky Mulusa knows too well to mess around with President Lungu, in spite of being part of the delegation, he is the first among the group to say, we don’t really need IMF.

But Ba Mulusa why did you go through the trouble and making us pay for your first class ticket, expensive hotels, nice foods and allowances, if we did not really need this money.

President Lungu is threatened by his deteriorating political fortune at the time power he has just started testing how sweet power is.

A man who at one point had to chew the money of his client as a lawyer and got suspended, is now the most powerful man in the land, with pecks going multiplying in Millions, like magic.

He has the Police all over him and at his command, to arrest anyone and charge the person with treason. But even better now, thanks to article 30 and 31 which he has discovered, he can detain us at will without recourse to the Court.

Power can be so sweet, the man even has a Challenger jet to himself, free everything including Presidential parties with his like-minds friends (undeclared dictators).

Edgar for 2021To sustain his power, against a serious political tide that threatens his 2021 bid which he started immediately after winning 2016 elections, President Lungu is playing systematic legal stints to silence his opponents.

Our Constitution is being exploited to find any loophole to clear whatever hurdle, to clear all opposition within PF and outside,so that 2021 will be a guaranteed victory.

Serious criminal charges and Presidential declarations are being taken maximized in the guise of sorting out suspected criminals, who have been identified as the opposition, yet there are more suspected criminals in PF than in the opposition.

Unfortunately our governance systems are also very vulnerable to abuse by the President such that, they can be fired if they try to be as independent. Many people have already been fired. Those who have protection from the Constitution like Judges are also not spared, just like Mutembo Nchito was taken out for a more user friendly DPP Lilian Fulata.

People are scared to lose jobs, the Chief Justice is not even responding to some citizens queries yet the only protection we have in the democracy, are the courts. Where will Zambians go because even parliament is not for citizens but PF.

All this is about MAKING SURE EDGAR LUNGU GOES THROUGH IN 2021, and it does not matter at what cost, including IMF bailout, people’s rights and of course, if possible people disappearing like the President said at his Press Conference that, some of these people being a nuisance, according to him, would have disappeared if it was in other Countries. I guess the President is wishing such would happen here.

Many Zambians will suffer in this 2021 bid of Edgar Lungu because, efforts are no that instead of people’s welfare, which makes President Lungu politically deficient. Politicians impress people and in turn they give you votes.

Somehow, I agreed with Mutati because Govt has no money to keep the economy going but President Lungu does not care about that, since he has everything for free at our expense as Tax-payers.

Nonetheless, as Economic and Equity Party (EEP) we believe that, power to rule people comes from God and no matter what one does to get power or keep it, if God has said no, it will not work. That is my disposition towards my 2021 bid.

The more President Lungu keeps on hurting Zambians through his dictatorship kind of rule, manipulating the constitution and institutions of Governance, the more he is getting closer to the exit door of power.

Come 2021, Zambians will have to decide who will lead them, regardless of what President Lungu does and if he continues on this trajectory, the stone rejected by the builders will be the cornerstone of this Country, and this can be anyone, including “TAYALI – NI TOUCH AND GO”



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